Giving Back & Community Outreach

Let’s work together for the good of all whenever we have an opportunity.
— Restoration Chiropractic

     We believe in creating a community culture, empowering and uplifting others outside our four walls. We know that, unfortunately, people fall on hard times or, in general, do not have as many opportunities as some others; and at times, support is needed. As a practice, we believe we have a responsibility to see our community, and beyond, become better places. On a regular basis, we partner with our practice members to serve our community in amazing ways.

     We ask you to join in our commitment to see the Greater North Texas area and beyond, become a beacon of hope.

     The greatest joy and sense of fulfillment comes not when we receive, but when we give. When we are sick, suffering, and stressed, it is hard to think beyond our personal lives. When practice members begin to heal and reach their full health potential while under care at Restoration, we see not only families and relationships restored, people making healthier choices and increased productivity but also their commitment to something bigger than themselves.  We cultivate an environment of loving service. One of giving back.



Organizations We Have Partnered With:

Melody of Hope

ChiroMissions International

Bethlehem Place

Kids Prosper Kids

 Camp Craig Allen

Mane Gait




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