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Welcome To Restoration Chiropractic in Prosper TX

Our mission is to restore the health of our community through family-centered, technology-driven, neurologically-based chiropractic care. Whatever your story or past, we know that you want to live better, feel stronger, and enjoy life along the way. We’re here to listen, lead, and help facilitate your road to healing and success.


Working together for the good of everyone

We believe in creating a community culture by empowering and uplifting others outside our four walls. As a practice, we believe we have a responsibility to see our community, and beyond, become better places. We partner with our practice members regularly to serve our community in amazing ways. The greatest joy and sense of fulfillment comes not when we receive, but when we give. Let us know if you are passionate about an organization or have an event that we can participate in as a practice. Below are organizations that we currently support.

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