Chiropractic Testimonials

"I was skeptical at first. Torque Release sounded like lame adjustments. However, I decided to give it a try. The doc’s and staff are awesome and efficient. I thank God everyday he lead me to this practice. I have improved beyond my expectations. My injuries were severe, painful and intense. My doctor, I dubbed “ Dan the man”. Is just incredibly skilled and caring. He even partnered with my P. T. His suggestions greatly improved my care. Don't wait, book your appointment now. Love you guys so much!!!"

- Sharon R.

"I highly recommend Restoration Chiropractic. My husband and my daughter and her kids all go there.

I was the last one to try. I had been falling and having back pain when I decided it was time to try Chiropractic care.
I’m so glad I did . I have my balance back again and I am not afraid of failing again.

My posture is better and I don’t have the pain in my back anymore! I can lift my grandkids again!

Dr Jake is very kind and a great Dr. He explained my scan and X-rays so I knew what my problems were . He also tells me at each treatment what area of my spine he is focusing on. I feel so much better and I’m so glad I decided to go for treatment at Restoration Chiropractic.

Another positive of this office is the front desk ladies, they are so sweet and friendly. It’s so easy to make appointments.

It’s never a problem if I need to reschedule."

- Karen C.

"Genuine staff and the Doctors know their stuff! The technology is incredible and they create such a safe space to ask any questions you have!"

- Mandy B.

"Caring, friendly staff who look into your whole health and focus on restoring and then helping you maintain a healthy body. I definitely recommend Dr. Carson and Dr.Jake!"

- Sarah T.

"14 months ago, I could barely walk due to sciatica. After being treated by Dr. Jake, I am back at the gym and bike riding on a regular basis. My back feels better than it has in 15 years and I did 5 one hundred mile bike rides over the summer. Many thanks Dr. Jake!"

- Ron P.

"I have been coming here for a few years now and when I started I could barely move my neck to the left, or left anything above my head. after just the first month I saw. adorable improvement and now having a baby those things are pretty important and I am so glad I have been coming here and have been healing my body. I can pick up my baby girl and play with no problem thanks to Dr. Jake and his team!"

- Loree W.

"Dr. Jake and the whole staff are SO kind. It’s amazing how much improvement I’ve felt in my body after my seeing Dr. Jake. I’ve always been worried about going to a chiropractor to have the chiropractor twist my neck to “pop” it or get it back aligned. Not here...not at all! There is no twisting my neck. The tool Dr. Jake uses is gentle and works better for my body."

- Cindy K.

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